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Point of care: Screening and diagnostic solutions

  Tuesday, 23 April 2024

  11.00AM

  Molbio booth 1.E18


The Truelab Real Time quantitative micro-PCR system from Molbio Diagnostics brings PCR technology right to the point-of-care, at all laboratory and non-laboratory settings, primary centres, in the field, near patient, essentially at all levels of healthcare thereby decentralizing and democratising access to molecular diagnostics. The system works on disease specific Truenat microchips for conducting a real time PCR. The sample preparation (extraction and purification) is done on a fully automated, cartridge based Trueprep AUTO sample prep device.

The Prorad Atlas Ultraportable X-ray system is a state-of-the-art ultra-portable solution comprising of microprocessor controlled high frequency x-ray generator for precise x-ray delivery. The Digital X-ray comes with AI based interpretation of results for Tuberculosis and a few other respiratory diseases which makes result interpretation quick at places where there are no trained personnel, therby making it  more accessible for active TB case screening at patient settings whether its mobile or at patient's bed side. This X-ray device screening for presumptive TB and followed along with a confirmatory Truenat test for MTB and DRTB at peripheral areas, will go a long way in early detection of TB thereby addressing the missing millions.


Dr Shivraj Bhoite

Manager Application Services,

Molbio Diagnostics

Ebot Ntui Daniel

Consultant for Africa,

Molbio Diagnostics

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