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Medlab West Africa 2024 | Scientific poster competition

What is this competition?

The scientific poster competition is dedicated to helping grow the medical laboratory industry and giving our talented lab professionals a platform to gain recognition, network, attend the conferences, and win a prize! 

How can I participate?

To participate in the competition, you can simply submit an abstract of your work as per the below guidelines to [email protected] before 20th March 2024 and our team will get back to you if your abstract is selected for oral presentation or display only.


Please note, only registered attendees of the Medlab West Africa 2024 conferences can participate in the competition

How the competition works?

Participants chose a topic aligned with one of the medical laboratory industry's core areas below and submit an abstract including an introduction, objectives, and conclusion.


Laboratory Management and Quality

Blood Transfusion

Clinical Microbiology

Clinical Chemistry 

Molecular Diagnostics & Genetics

Anatomic Pathology

Astract format

  • Max 300 words, font size 11, Arial (font type).
  • You may include 1 figure or table only.
  • Be as specific as possible about the material you will cover on your poster. 
  • Descriptions that are too short or vague will be considered incomplete. 
  • Please email [email protected]m if you encounter any issues.

Competition details

Medlab West Africa introduces a diverse range of cutting-edge products and services sourced from both regional and global suppliers, spanning key categories such as:

Phase 1 - Submitting the abstract

Out of all abstract entries, the top 30 will be selected and asked to submit a designed poster.


Phase 2 - Presentation at Medlab West Africa 2024

The selected 30 posters will be displayed onsite.  Out of these 30 selected, the top 10 will get to present their abstracts in front of the judges onsite on the 23rd April 2024.  Winner will be announced on that day.

Phase 3 - Speaking Opportunity

 Following the presentations, the judging committee will recognise the winning presenter.  And the winner will receive flight and/or accomodation to Kenya and the opportunity to speak at Medlab East Africa 2024

What are the deadlines?

Abstract submission deadline: 14 April 2024

Announcement of finalists (Oral presentation): 16 April 2024            

Please note that your abstract will be selected based on relevance, best practice, case studies and completeness of the required information submitted.

For any further queries, you can reach out to our team at  [email protected]

Medlab West Africa Abstract Submission